About me

Łukasz Milak-Kalinowski

Łukasz Milak-Kalinowski, born in 1984 in Opoczno.

I am an artist from a family with art traditions, an admirer of broadly understood visual forms. Plastic surgery from a small child, practically since I can remember, has been present in my family home. I learned techniques and workshops from my mother and grandmother. Later in my youth, I honed my instilled abilities myself.

Individual expositions

  1. “Feast of imagination” – Municipal Cultural Center in Opoczno
  2. “Feast of imagination” – Historical Iron Factory in Maleniec
  3. I Pomeranian Exposition in Castle of Pomeranian Duches in Szczecinek
  4. “The brighter glance” – Maya Gallery in Old Town in Toruń
  5. “I am from Here” – Communal Community an Cultural Center in Żarnów

Collective exhibitions

  1. “Melancholy-Mystery-Loneliness-Silence” – Church of st. George in Oleśnica
  2. “Melancholy-Mystery-Loneliness-Silence” – Power Plant Gallery in Czeladź

Friends so far say that I inherited my talent from my mother. It is quite possible that it is true. I draw inspiration from literature, observations of passing surroundings and sleepless visions. It seems to me that I am a bit obsessed with the themes of passing, decomposition, decomposition. Art is my passion and a form of psychotherapy.

The thematic spectrum of my work is close to abstraction, fantasy, surrealism, and magic realism. I try to reflect elementary emotions like fear, fear, anguish or peace. For me, the pure underpainting is like a Tabula rasa, on which I paint as a sculptor carries out a shape from a piece of clay. I create using various techniques, mainly with acrylic paints on a fibreboard. I do not define or unequivocally define my painting. In my opinion, each recipient sees a reflection of their awareness in my paintings.