Lukas Milak - Kalinowski – official site of surrealist polish painter

feast of immagination

My painting is an unrecognized world of imagination, where abstraction is mixed with surrealism and shows real emotions in unreal places beyond time.


I think about how in the future I will stand in front of my own painting and throw the excited but casually “this is it”. Or maybe that day will never come, and I will continue to wave my brush full of naive hope, like a child from years ago, that little naive boy who believed.

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“I am moving tirelessly in this direction, towards a perfect visual materialization of a perfect vision. It will be a long way, perhaps it will last a lifetime. One thing is certain, that is my goal. They appear like an impenetrable plateau with white earth and black skies. I carry these visions in moments of peace, while contemplating my own ideas or browsing through old sketches. “



“I often hear the question, what does my picture mean, what is painted there? There are two reasons why I don’t want to answer these questions or I just can’t. My paintings encourage the viewer to interpret themselves. paints and a brush, you can almost always interpret it in a different way. You can see it by asking yourself the question: do you feel comfort and hope when looking at this painting, or anxiety and fear? Or maybe something else? What color is love? “